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Is TC really spoiled??  You bet she is!!
If you are new to Feline Diabetes, be sure to see the Feline Diabetes Flyer first. It contains the best sites for beginners. The following sites have been organized according to topic. These sites are for information purposes only. Discuss your cat's care with your veterinarian.

Be sure to make the Feline Diabetes Flyer your first stop!

Diabetes - What is it?



All About Insulin

Home Blood Glucose Testing


Somogyi Rebound

Urine Testing

Glucose Spillover

Ketones and Their Implications

Diabetic Neuropathy



Diabetes Supplies

Diabetic Promotions - Discount Diabetic Supplies On-Line Pharmacy You can help IMOM by linking to Hocks via their affiliates program here. It will not cost anything extra, and IMOM gets a percentage of what is spent.
B-D Online
TC has recovered from a severe case of pancreatitis, which made it necessary for her to spend over a week in the hospital. She was one of IMOM's Pets in Need, and IMOM helped us financially. If you have found this website to be helpful, please consider a small donation to be used for other diabetic pets at Thank you so very much!!
Consider giving a donation to a cat in need.

If you are having difficulty with this website, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please send email.

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