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Feline Diabetes Flyer

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PDF version needs to be updated.

Feline Diabetes Flyer in Microsoft Word - a folded flyer that looks like a greeting card. Print page one, then reinsert the paper into the printer and print page 2. You will have a flyer you can fold.

Feline Diabetes Flyer -  Regular webpage with working links.  You can print the webpage flyer from your browser without the headers of footers using these directions.

Also available to give to your vet, the Pets with Diabetes Flyer.


TC has recovered from a severe case of pancreatitis, which made it necessary for her to spend over a week in the hospital. She was one of IMOM's Pets in Need, and IMOM helped us financially. If you have found this website to be helpful, please consider a small donation to be used for other diabetic pets at Thank you so very much!!


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If these directions are too complex, feel free to just print the flyer and leave the headers and footers intact.

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Feline Diabetes Flyer

Consider giving a donation to a cat in need.

If you are having difficulty with this website, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please send email.

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