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Welcome to Harry's Home BG Testing Website
A Website to Help Diabetic Pets

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MS PowerPoint 2000 slide shows

Pam Baker, DVM & Delli

Presentation to Ontario Veterinary Technician Conference in London, Ontario. Jan 29-31/2000.

MS PowerPoint slides ~7 MB

RealAudio clips from the talk:
Open slideshow and click through slides as you listen to 1 & 2.
Delli's story ~2 min, 274 k
1. indicators, reasons & ways to hometest ~28 min, ~3.5 MB
2. websites, tips ~12 min, 1.5 MB
Delli's BG test ~5 min, 568 k


 Earprick Method

(1.1 MB slideshow, no audio)


Conference Audio, Video, and slides copyright 2000 Pam Baker, DVM, Seneca College, Ontario, Canada; individual website files copyright 2001 Nancy Johnson

Video Demonstrating BG Testing on the Bayer Elite XL Glucometer

Click here to go to video website http://tlb.best.vwh.net/bg_punkin/ Starring Punkin Pie (GA), courtesy of Terry & Dave, ~90 sec, in Quick Time or RealPlayer You may need to crank up your volume to hear it, the audio level seems very low. It will stop and start as the video is buffered unless you have a very fast network connection

Veterinary Information Network Video Demonstrating BG Testing using the Accuchek Advantage meter with Accuchek Comfort Curve strips

Click here to go to video website http://www.vin.com/PetCare/Articles/VetHospital/PCF_M01647.htm Starring Maxwell, courtesy of Susan Williamson & VIN, ~? sec, in Windows Media or RealPlayer

Summaries & References

A summary of the article "Home Monitoring of Blood Glucose Concentration in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus" in June 2001 Compendium on Continuing Education for the Practicing Veterinarian

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