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Mailing Lists Muffin and Petdiabetes Mailing Lists for owners of diabetic Cats & Dogs http://caninediabetes.homestead.com/files/index.html Mail Lists

Find a Feline Specialist members of the American Association of Feline Practicioners http://www.aafponline.org/directory/directory.html

Find a Vet Vetquest search finds members of Veterinary Information Network http://www.vin.com/vetquest/index0.html. Special interest area and Board Certified keywords are new, until member vets update their listings, very few hits are found. Diabetes specialists might identify themselves as interested in Endocrinology or Internal Medicine.

State Veterinary Medical Associations http://www.avma.org/statevma/default.htm

 More Views and Hints  Source
Frugal Feline Diabetes at Janet & Binky's site http://www.sugarcats.net/sites/jmpeerson/frugal.html
  Feline Diabetes Flyer  at Diana & TC's site http://www.sugarcats.net/sites/dmstrickland/felinediabetesflyer.htm
 Home BG Testing Experiences  Feline Diabetes site http://www.felinediabetes.com/glucose.htm
  How to do BG tests  Pet Diabetes site http://www.petdiabetes.org/newprick.html
  Simon's testing hints  Bob & Simon's site Home Testing tips, Sugarcat Transport Service at http://home.att.net/~sugarcat_simon/hometest.html
  BG Meters  Pet Diabetes site http://www.petdiabetes.org/bgmeter_concepts.htm
BG Meters Info Children with Diabetes site http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/d_0i_000.htm
 How to Treat Hypoglycemia contributed by Melissa & Popcorn, Home page has great cat links http://catandmouseclick.home.mindspring.com/contributions/hypotx.html
  How to do Insulin Shots  Auburn Univ. Vet School site http://www.vetmed.auburn.edu/sac/mededu/diabetes/administer.html
  Humulin Insulins Compared  Eli Lilly Education site, less duration in cats http://www.lillydiabetes.com/Education/ActivityChart.cfm
 Diabetes Information  Auburn Univ. Vet School site http://www.vetmed.auburn.edu/sac/mededu/diabetes/home.html
Diabetes Information w/ Video   Washington State Univ. Vet School site http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/ClientED/diabetes.htm
  How to do Sub-Cutaneous Fluids  Illustrations, has link to CRF email list http://members.aol.com/aquila111/subq/webinstruct.html
Sub-Q Fluids   Washington State Univ. Vet School site http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/ClientED/cat_fluids.htm


Web Sites Featuring Feline Diabetes
 Feline Diabetes Home Page  FDMB is a GREAT Message Board w/searchable archives. Very active, help can be found 24 hrs/7 days a week. Lots of good advice, information, and support at http://felinediabetes.com/index.html
Jon's Feline Diabetes site/Backup FDMB Message Board at Jon & Patches' Kitty Pic site http://www.ogdenco.net/kittypic3/ GO HERE FOR HELP when FDMB is down, also Pictures of diabetic cats, see Bonny Dune Message Board for FDMB off-topic/personal sharing messages
Gorb's Feline Diabetes site at Lisa & Gorb's site http://www.gorbzilla.com/ Ketones, Syringe feeding, Home BG Test info, coupons/bargains on supplies info, Gorbycam
 Pets With Diabetes Home Page  Covers Cats & Dogs, Beautifully Organized http://www.petdiabetes.org/
 Sugarcats Home Page  Humor Message Board (secret agents), PZI insulin info,  Map of  Diabetic Cats - register, you may find others http://www.sugarcats.com/
 CatandMouseClick Hypoglycemia, Medications history, cat/owner email registry http://catandmouseclick.home.mindspring.com/
  Frugal Feline Diabetes, Food Nutrition comparisons  at Janet & Binky's site http://www.sugarcats.net/sites/jmpeerson/
  Feline Diabetes Flyer, Good Links  at Diana & TC's site http://www.sugarcats.net/sites/dmstrickland/

Web Sites Featuring Canine Diabetes (also Cushings Disease and Pancreatitis)
 Canine Diabetes Home Page  Dogs, Comprehensive site, many links http://caninediabetes.homestead.com/files/index.html
 Tyler's Helpful Links Page  Dogs, Blindness, Cushings, great links http://www.weir.net/~lglass/page6.htm
 Pets With Diabetes Home Page  Covers Cats & Dogs, Beautifully Organized http://www.petdiabetes.org
 Cody's Home Page  Great info on Diabetes, Pancreatitis in Dogs http://members.aol.com/brenda1062/main/

Web Sites Featuring Health Information

Specific Diseases  Source
Diabetes  Understanding Insulin Dependent Diabetes, by H. Peter  Chase, M.D. Excellent explanations of Ketones, U. Colorado http://www.uchsc.edu/misc/diabetes/UIDDM.html
Complications of Diabetes  from Ettinger's and Feldman's Textbook of Veterinary  Internal Medicine http://members.aol.com/brenda1062/Complications/index.htm
Diabetic Ketoacidosis  Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy http://www.merck.com/pubs/mmanual/section2/chapter13/13b.htm
Liver disease  by Dr. Fleming, from the Textbook of Veterinary Internal  Medicine edited by Stephen J.Ettinger 1989 http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/1151/LiverDisease.html.
Eye diseases  www.eyevet.org
Chronic Renal Failure/Kidney disease  by Jerry Williams, D.V.M., Cat Network site http://www.catnetwork.com/health.htm#CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE
Chronic Renal Failure  learn everything about CRF, excellent email list http://www.felinecrf.com
Renal Failure  Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy http://www.merck.com/pubs/mmanual/section17/chapter222/222a.htm
Veterinary Medical Info--Dogs & Cats  by Katherine James, U Wis Vet School http://www.suite101.com/articles.cfm/veterinary_info
  Pancreatitis Information, part 2  by Katherine James, U Wis Vet School
  Pancreatitis Information, part 1  by Katherine James, U Wis Vet School
General Health/Disease sites  
General Cat Health Sites  Geocities health links http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/1151/hlthlnks.htm" TARGET="_top">General Cat Health Sites
WSU Client Education site  Washington State Univ. Vet School site w/pictures! http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/ClientED/
Ask Dr. Mike Vetinfo   Q&A can read existing, or subscribe and ask your own Q http://www.vetinfo.com/
Feline Advisory Bureau  United Kingdom site http://web.ukonline.co.uk/fab/fab3.html
Mar Vista pet Library  Pet Web Library, Diseases and Behavior Problems http://www.marvistavet.com
TICA Answers from Vets  The International Cat Association http://www.tica.org/vet.htm
Long Beach (CA) Animal Hospital  detailed explanations w/pictures! http://www.lbah.com
The Rainbow Ark   brief summaries, good info http://rainbowark.com/health.htm
 Blood Tests  
Interpretation of Lab Test Results 1  Lupus site, very helpful explanations http://www.tica.org/vet.htm
Interpretation of Lab Test Results 2  by Karl Hempel, M.D., Health Gazette http://www.freenet.tlh.fl.us/HealthGazette/labwork2.html
Effects of Drugs on Lab Tests  by Edmund M. Hayes, M.S., R.Ph. http://www.edhayes.com/labtestmain2.html
 Drug Information  
Vet Pharmaceuticals How to pill a cat, look up meds http://www.marvistavet.com/html/pharmacy_center.html
RxList  Search for drug info http://www.rxlist.com/
Pharminfo  Search for drug info http://pharminfo.com/drugdb/db_mnu.html

Where to Buy Supplies at Good Prices

States laws vary on the need for a prescription for insulin or syringes. Florida does not require a prescription for either. If you will be traveling with a diabetic pet, carry a prescription for both with you. Don't wait until you are out of insulin to get your next vial, the pharmacy may have to order it.

Insulin and meter Test Strips are temperature sensitive, you have to decide if you'd prefer to pay more and buy locally or risk exposure to excessive heat or freezing temperatures in shipping.

We have Used and Recommend:

 Diabetic Promotions   http://www.diabeticpromotions.com  (800) 443-1477

Diabetic Promotions offered a great price on the Bayer Elite XL meter ($45 in 5/99, shipping was $3.95) and the rebate ($25 at that time) was included in the box. They ship by Priority Mail, which means 2-3 day delivery, including Saturdays.

 Hocks.com Pharmacy, Ohio  http://www.hocks.com  (800)866-4997
 IMOM IGive program www.imom.org  http://www.imom.org/  order through  IMOM, so they earn a commission

this Hocks link donates 8% to IMOM

Wal-Mart has had better prices on Insulin, Syringes, Ketostix, and Lancets than many of the web sites, once you factor in the cost of shipping. They also feature Reli-On, a Wal-Mart brand that is less expensive. Wal-Mart has Reli-On syringes and insulin, and even a meter, though I don't have info on it yet. Check your local stores, sometimes the grocery store pharmacy will match the best price and that can save you extra trips to other stores.

Financial Assistance www.imom.org

IMOM is an all-volunteer non-profit organization which was founded to help people help their sick, injured, or abused animals. IMOM can provide financial assistance or supplies to needy pets. In addition to the IGive program, IMOM accepts donations, sells gift items and has fund-raisers to support their efforts.


You can call B-D (Becton Dickinson, syringes and needles) and ask for coupons for their products. (888) 367-9539

We use the B-D Ultra-Fine II 3/10cc short needle syringes on Harry and they sent 2 coupons for $2 off on a box of 100 syringes. They asked for my name and address and told me to just call back for more coupons.

Meter Rebates

Local stores often have the rebate form. If you didn't receive a rebate form with your meter, contact the manufacturer's Customer Service department (see meter table for phone numbers) and they will be happy to send you the form, if a rebate is currently being offered on your meter. Most offer a straight rebate plus an additional amount if you send in a competitor's meter (working or not).

Other Supply Sources - we have no personal experience with these

KVVet Veterinary Supplies www.kvvet.com (800) 423-8211 Sub-Q fluids, needles....

last updated 8/9/02